We have discussed the WH-516 form at all our meetings for several years, and it is important that you are providing this form to your workers at the time of recruitment.  Filling this form out properly is important, and we have spent a good amount of time discussing the form and our answers on the form with the officials at the Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor.

Click here to see a properly filled out form.  There is one box that you need to pay special attention to.  Box #7 should be answered “yes” if your workers are eligible for unemployment from the State of Texas.  I believe workers at all gins are eligible.  There was some confusion in the past over whether this box was referring to private or public unemployment compensation, and we have received clarification on this answer.

If you have already issued the forms, be sure to make this correction if necessary on your master form, and use the correct answer on question #7 going forward with all your new hires.