We have received detailed guidance related to the Social Security mismatch letters that the gins have been receiving from the Social Security Administration (SSA).  Click Here to view an excellent opinion piece about how to respond, courtesy of the Saqui Law Group, a division of Dowling Aaron.  From my reading of the piece, they make three main points:

These letters inform the employer that a SSN mismatch has occurred and direct the employer to:

  1.  Review the names and SSN information submitted by the employer to SSA
  2. Provide any necessary corrections to SSA on the Form W20C within 60 days of receiving the no-match or
  3. Respond to SSA that the employer has confirmed that the names and SSN information provided match the information provided by its employees.

This group recommends each employer perform the steps outlined above.  In the letter, the SSA encourages employers to use the SSN portal online to get the actual employee names at issue.  The authors of the opinion piece y do not appear to recommend logging in and using the online portal.  If you have already logged in, you should have been able to find which employees have the mismatch.  Again, this opinion piece can be viewed by clicking here.

Please call you association office if you have any questions related to this letter.