We have had a lot of calls come into TCGA offices over the last 24 hours with questions related to how to sign into the SSA Business Online Services system.  Here are a few tips:  First of all, be aware that after you set up an account, they will mail you an activation code, so you can’t just log in and use the system right away.  You have to set up your account, then wait for the code before you can use it.  In addition, you want to sign up for the correct services – if you add a service later, you have to get a new code, and that will have to come in the mail as well.

After reviewing several systems over the past 24 hours, we believe the two services that you want to sign up for are the “Report Wages to Social Security” and “View Name and Social Security Number Errors”.  You need the first option in order to file the W-2s and W-2 cs corrections that we have discussed.  You need the second one to see the names.  Click here for the link to the SSA system.

Please call if you have questions.  We are learning this system as we speak, and input from you all is helpful.  As we are figuring the time line, we received the first letters at the end of March, which means we have at least two weeks to get into their system, identify and communicate with the workers, and send a letter back to SSA.