Each year, TCGA collects electricity, gas, and labor cost data from Texas cotton gins. This year, we plan to use a new survey system, in conjunction with the USDA-ARS Ginning Laboratory in Lubbock. The USDA has conducted a nationwide study every three years in the past, and has developed a new system, where the data can be automatically entered by the user. They will use this system going forward to develop their cost numbers on a nationwide basis. The national survey covers a few more data points than the Texas Survey, but all of our questions are covered by the national survey, and the additional data collected will be very useful in tracking ginning trends over time throughout the US.

They are setting this system up in a way that will allow them to transfer the Texas data to TCGA for use in our own cost survey. By entering your data into this system, you will be providing the information for both surveys at once. The survey is available at the following address: – please use this survey form to return you survey this year. TCGA is not planning to send out our old survey form this year. If you are unable to use this new system, and would like a paper form, please let us know.

Your data will be used by both organizations for statistical purposes, and the individual gin identities will be kept confidential.

This information allows the industry to compare cost trends over the years, as well as comparing the relative costs for different energy companies over time. It is very important that you take the time to fill out this survey, so that we have good data from all areas of the State.

From the ginner’s standpoint, the survey results will allow you to compare your energy usage and cost, as well as your labor cost, to others across the state. Electricity and Gas usage varies considerably between gins, and this survey allows you to compare your gin’s operations with others in your area, and across the state.

Please take a few minutes to fill out this form, if you have completed your ginning season. This information is important and could be used to lower your ginning costs as we work with the utility companies. In order to be useful statistically, it is important that you return all requested information. If you have not received your final ginning season gas or electric bill, please hold the survey until you do. All individual data is kept confidential and will only be used in a summary form.

Please call your association office if you have any questions, or need any help finding the data. Thank you for your help with this effort.