As you are all aware, the Coronavirus is straining the supply of personal protective equipment that is available to health professionals.  We have identified one shortage and need as the N95 masks and two-strap respirators that are often used in cotton gins to help alleviate problems associated with nuisance dust.  There are a number of initiatives underway to collect these masks and get them in the hands of those who need them.

If you have these type of dust masks sitting in storage right now and are willing to donate these items, there are most likely many medical facilities that could quickly put those to use in your regional area. The best course of action would be contact your local hospital or first responders.

If you are in West Texas, the High Plains Surgery Center and University Medical Center can put these items to good use. If you have a Facebook account, please visit the TCGA Facebook page at:

You will find a link there that has been shared by Dan Jackson, manager of Meadow Co-op Gin. He notes there are people in West Texas that will come to your facility and pick up the masks if you are willing to donate. For gins in South Texas and other parts of Texas, check with your local surgery centers, hospitals and first responders.

Harrison Ashely with National Cotton Ginners’ Association sent an alert yesterday regarding the need for N95 masks as well. He notes there is a critical shortage of masks in Memphis, Tennessee.

If you have masks you would like to donate and are unable to find a medical facility that can use them, contact the TCGA office. We would be glad to assist you in finding a facility that can utilize the masks.

Thank you for your consideration and let us know if you have questions.