At least two of our gins on the upper coast have been visited by Department of Labor Wage and Hour inspectors this week.  If the inspectors have contacted your gin, please let us know right away if you have not already.  In the past, the main issues we have seen on this type of inspection would relate to proper overtime pay, proper bonus pay, and migrant housing.

It is very important to have us review any citations from the Wage and Hour division.  In the past, the amount of the citations would not necessarily be the issue.  The main issue would be the actual content of the citation.  In many cases, the actual cause of the violation was not completely clear.  The problem in this scenario is that unless you are sure of the details of the violation, it is impossible to be sure you fixed your violation.  If you have not abated the violation, you could set yourself up for a repeat violation the following year.

If they do show up at your gin, cooperate with the inspectors, then let us know right away.  We’ll be glad to walk you through the process.