OSHA announced today that Employers may still submit their OSHA 300A data into the OSHA Web Portal.  The portal had some significant technical difficulties during the first part of March, so they have kept the portal open.  OSHA did not say how long it would continue to be open.  If you missed the original deadline, you have another chance to get the data entered.

The OSHA electronic reporting rule applies to all gins with 20 or more employees. Data reported is basically the information from the OSHA 300A form.  To calculate your number of employees for determining whether you report, you simply determine the gins peak employment during the last calendar year.  If there was one pay-period during the year where you had 20 or more employees on the payroll, then you are required to report.  The employee count is based on each establishment separately, not the entire firm. Since separate records are maintained for each establishment, then the report is also based on each establishment.  Please note this calculation is different than the one for calculating the Injury and Illness Incidence Rate, which basically involves counting the number of paychecks you issued in 2020 divided by the number of pay periods in the year.

Click here to access the OSHA Electronic Submission web site.  Then, click “Launch the Injury Tracking Application” (Red button at top right side of screen).  Here, you will log in and enter your data.  This is essentially the same data contained on the 2020 300A form that you are posting.

Don’t forget that you are still required to complete and post the paper OSHA 300a form from February 1 through April 30 each year, so this form should be posted now!