The Ginners’ Trust wants to remind everyone to encourage safety as the season starts.

We have already seen three severe, reportable accidents in West Texas gins as the season gets started:

An employee struck by a loader carrying a module to the feeder resulting in head injury;

An employee caught in the battery condenser resulting in the de-gloving of his entire arm, and;

Yesterday afternoon an employee lost his arm while unchoking a stick machine.

The Trust Is preparing Safety Alerts on these accidents to be released this week.

As you go through start of ginning with many new employees and new machinery:

Train ALL employees before they go in the gin and;

Emphasize the importance of Lock-Out to all employees ESPECIALLY TO YOUR GINNERS AND SUPERVISORS.

The Trust safety staff and trainers began In the Gin Training last week and are in the field again this week. Be looking for them. Let’s try and finish the season better than it has started!