Two gins on the Gulf Coast were visited by Department of Labor Wage and Hour inspectors during this season.  In addition, two gins have been inspected in West Texas this week.  There is a good chance more gins will be inspected in West Texas.  If any W&H inspectors have contacted your gin, please let us know right away.  In the past, the main issues addressed on these types of inspections relate to proper overtime pay and proper bonus pay, so they will require copies of timecards, payroll, etc.  They may ask about migrant housing and request to see any available housing for employees.  If you have any H2A workers, they will ask to see any contracts and paperwork as well as housing for these employees.  Please send us any information the inspectors provide to you.  Make copies of any information you give to them and please send it to TCGA, so we know exactly what they received.  Also, please send us any emails or documents you send W&H in future correspondence.  This is important so we can determine exactly what issues the W&H inspectors want you to address and correctly respond to any potential violations.

If these W&H inspectors show up at your gin, cooperate with the inspectors, then let us know right away.  We’ll be glad to walk you through the process.