We are receiving calls from multiple gins in West Texas concerning Housing Inspections by the Texas Dept of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA).  We do not normally see TDHCA inspectors making random inspections.  These inspections are usually done by Wage and Hour for H2A purposes.  TDHCA apparently has a new supervisor instructing inspectors to perform these facility visits as we speak.

So far, the inspectors have commented about posting of the Housing Terms and Conditions form WH 521 (click here for form).  This form must be posted on the wall at your housing facility.  It cannot simply be part of the hiring packet.  It must be posted.

The inspectors are also physically measuring the employee bedrooms to verify there is at least 100 sq ft of sleeping area per employee.  They have required a few gins to reduce the number of employees per bedroom because they were a matter of inches too small.  For example, if you have (2) employees in a bedroom and the room measures 195 sq ft, that is too small.  You must move one employee out.  (2) employees must have a room that “measures” at least 200 sq ft.

We are attempting to gather information on these inspections as quickly as possible.  Please contact us if an inspector visits your facility so we can discuss.  For a listing of current TDHCA standards for housing, click here.