Dear Reader:

The Ginners’ Red Book is published annually as a service to the cotton industry by the Texas Cotton Ginners’ Association in the interest of efficient and rapid business communications. Over the years, the Ginners’ Red Book has become an important resource tool for our membership and allied industry leaders.

Red BookEach gin that was in business in Texas, Arizona, California, Kansas, New Mexico and Oklahoma during the most recent crop year is listed by county.  The Ginners’ Red Book shows the mailing address, zip code, area code and telephone number, and the name of the owner or manager of each gin.  Email addresses and web sites are also listed, if the information has been provided by the gin.

Included in the directory are important details pertaining to Texas Cotton Ginners’ Association, including a list of the TCGA Officers & Executive Committee, the Policy Advisory Committee, its Board of Directors and staff contacts. A complete listing of Associate Members is also provided with contact and web site information. The Ginners’ Red Book includes a list of Texas cotton grower organizations and their contacts, plus contacts for National Cotton Council member service representatives, national gin organizations and listings for each USDA-AMS Cotton Classing Office.

Users of this directory should note that the listings refer to gins in business for the past season.  It may also be noted that some gins may not have ginned cotton during the most recent season and have been classified as dormant.  Dormant gins refer to those plant operations with enough equipment to resume operations with normal maintenance and repairs.

The statistics and information concerning gin management and ownership is as current as can be obtained.  The date for final insertion of listing is generally during the month of August each year.  Any changes which occur after the date of publication will appear in the next edition.


J. Kelley Green
Executive Vice President
Texas Cotton Ginners’ Association



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