So far, we are in communication with nine gins that have been inspected by the Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor this year.  If you have been inspected by DOL this year, and have not communicated with us, please let us know right away.  Hopefully, DOL has completed their inspections at this point, but if you get inspected, please contact us immediately.  So far, all inspections have been in the Lubbock and Amarillo areas.

There have been three main items cited so far this year.  Surprisingly, several gins did not have the migrant and seasonal worker protection act poster.  Click here to see the poster, and make sure it is on your wall.  TCGA has additional copies of the poster if you need us to send you one, or you can print it directly from the link.

There were also several gins cited for not having the full EIN number and the redacted Social Security Number (xxx-xx-1234) on the pay stubs.  These two items are required on migrant employee pay stubs.

We again received citations for gins not giving their workers the WH-516 terms and conditions sheet.  This sheet must be given to workers when they are recruited.  We may have an issue with DOL over the definition of recruitment, but we are sorting through that issue now.

These seem to be the main issues we are seeing related to DOL.  Please let us know if you are contacted by DOL inspectors, and we will help you through the process.