We have received a few reports of gins receiving an email from FDA.  It will read as follows:

  • “We are writing in regards to your registration for (Insert Your Gin Name Here). We are currently undergoing a verification process. We need for you to verify the facility’s activities conducted. Is the food activity for human consumption, animal consumption or both? Please let us know at your earliest convenience so we can process accordingly.”

We have contacted the FDA and verified that this is a legitimate email, and have received guidance on how to respond.  If you receive this, please respond with the following phrase:

  • “We are handling animal food only at this ginning operation.”

This email is related to a human food inspection inventory for facilities under the Preventive Controls for Human Food rule.  We are not subject to this portion of the rule, but if you don’t respond, there is a chance that you might end up on that inspection list.

Please give us a call if you receive any communication from FDA, or if you have any questions about this matter.