If you have received an email from FDA regarding your FDA registration, we have an update on what you should be doing.  If you want to see what the emails look like, go to the bottom of this article – we have listed them there.

The bottom line is that FDA folks say you respond to the first email by saying:  “We are handling animal food only at this ginning operation.”

Now we are finding some gins are getting a follow up email saying that they need to amend their registration to reflect that they are handling only animal food.   We are being told by FDA that the best answer is to update your registration to reflect that you are only handling animal food.

The bottom line is that we are handling a raw agricultural commodity (RAC) and FDA has issued enforcement discretion instructions for gins at this point.  In addition, we either sell directly to folks that are using the seed for animal feed, or we are selling to another entity that will further process the RAC.  This is the reason for the above answers.

Please call if you have any questions on this information.

Here is the text from the emails we are receiving:

  • First Email:  “We are writing in regards to your registration for (Insert Your Gin Name Here). We are currently undergoing a verification process. We need for you to verify the facility’s activities conducted. Is the food activity for human consumption, animal consumption or both? Please let us know at your earliest convenience so we can process accordingly.”
  • Second Email:  “Thank you for the quick response. Currently, your registration reflects that the facility conducts both human and animal food consumption. At your earliest convenience, you will need to update the registration.”