Some of you may have recently received an email from the OSHA Office of Statistical Analysis.  This email details a login procedure change on the OSHA Injury Tracking Application (ITA).  The ITA is the database where you annually report injuries at your facility that you summarized on your OSHA 300A each year.  This information is required to be posted to the OSHA ITA between Jan 1 and Mar 1 of each year.  OSHA is converting to a new login procedure and wants all users to access the ITA and change login procedures (ie. Username, password, etc.) prior to the application deadline.  Details for this procedure are available online when you access the ITA.  You can access the ITA on our website under the “Hot Topics” section on our home page or by using the following link “Submit an Injury and Illness Record”.  Even if you did not receive the email from OSHA, it would be a good idea to get this completed now rather than waiting until the deadline.  Usually access to the ITA is challenging as you get closer to Mar 1.