The National Cotton Council Issues the following Memo yesterday:

With the inclusion of seed cotton in Title I of the farm bill, ginners play a critical role in the determination of the cottonseed price component of the seed cotton price calculation. It is critical that gins accurately and promptly respond to the price request within the USDA Cotton Ginning’s Report. The NASS Marketing Year Average cottonseed price is a major component in the calculation of the seed cotton ARC/PLC programs, and therefore, it is important that the price be accurately reported.

The price reported on these surveys should reflect the net value of the cottonseed to the producer and should not include the gross price that is paid to the gin by the cottonseed buyer. In many cases, the net cottonseed value to the producer will include ginning charges and those charges should be a captured in the reported price. However, any normal profit margin, shipping, handling and storage costs should be deducted from the reported price.

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