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Cotton boll in a farm field.
Harvesting cotton with a mechanical picker.
Cotton modules in a farm field.
Module delivered to the gin by truck.
Cotton module on gin conveyor.
Gin stand where lint is separated from the seed.
Cotton being pressed into bale.
Cotton baled and strapped, ready for covering. Finished cotton bales ready for delivery.


Safety Seminars Information

2016 West Texas Safety Seminar Packet


Workers' Compensation
For Employers without workers' compensation insurance (non-subscribers), the "Employer Notice of No Coverage or Termination of Coverage" report (DWC005) must be filed once a year between February 1 and April 30.

OSHA Finalizes New Reporting Fatalities and Severe Injuries Requirements

USDA Rural Development Webpage

Updated Form 2290 for Filing Heavy Vehicle Use Tax

IRS Trucking Tax Center
Alert: This is where you should check for new information about the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use tax, Form 2290, for the tax period beginning July 1, 2011. IRS will add all updates about the availability of Form 2290 and e-file here as well.

Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Texas A&M Centennial Celebration

Biological and Agricultural Engineering at Texas A&M Centennial Celebration

Lambert Wilkes discusses his invention:
the Cotton Module Builder

Note: Video is set to play that portion of the video pertaining to the Cotton Module Builder, but you have the option of playing the entire video.


Employer Notice of No Workers' Compensation Coverage

OSHA Finalizes New Reporting Fatalities and Severe Injuries Requirements

USDA Rural Development Webpage

Updated Form 2290 for Filing Heavy Vehicle Use Tax

IRS Trucking Tax Center

Photographs Available

Photos available under the "Trade Show Information" menu item!


Trade Show Photos

Cotton Resource DVD Cotton Resource DVD

The Cotton Resource DVD 2011 is an educational delivery tool that has been developed by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service for producers, consultants, ginners, and the cotton industry as a "one-stop shop" for all information related to cotton. The DVD was funded by Cotton Incorporated through the Texas State Support Committee. It was developed by Dr. Gaylon Morgan, State Extension Cotton Agronomist with the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, with significant contributions by Texas AgriLife Extension and Texas AgriLife Research faculty and staff from across Texas.

The Cotton Resource DVD is available online at:

Texas AgriLife Extension Cotton Incorporated Texas AgriLife Research


ICAC presents the new book "Cotton: Technology for the 21st Century".

The book covers the main parts of cotton production: - Cotton Taxonomy and Production
- Harvesting, Ginning and Post-harvest Processes
- Economics, Cotton Fiber Utilization, and Promotion
- Cottonseed.


Burton Project

Our most recent video from the 2012 Burton Cotton Gin Festival - 04/21/2012


Texas Cotton Ginners' Association members have helped to maintain and refurbish the historic Burton Cotton Gin located at Burton, Texas. The organization recognizes the educational and historic significance of the gin plant, and seeks to help preserve this part of Texas history for future generations.

Information about the Burton Cotton Gin may be attained at the following web address:


Field to Bales Video
Video provided with permission from and courtesy of Buster's Gin, Ropesville, Tx.
Daniel Taylor, Manager
"We Make All Cotton Better"


Texas Cotton Ginners' Association has a long history of representing the cotton ginning industry and cooperating with other organizations throughout Texas and the United States to maintain the economic vitality and security of agriculture. We appreciate your visiting our Internet web site, and we are hopeful that the information provided here will be useful to you. Additional information pertaining to our history and purpose may be accessed through the 'About TCGA' menu option at the top of the page. In the event that you need other information, or should you desire to become a participating member or associate member, please feel free to contact us.

The membership of Texas Cotton Ginners' Association believes that when hard work is augmented by good cooperation and communication, all things are possible. It is upon this foundation that the organization was built over a century ago. We have traversed many years of challenges, and it is those years and those challenges that have made us strong, and that have prepared us for the even more difficult challenges that lie ahead.

The purpose of any worthwhile organization is to provide leadership for its members. TCGA is proactive on a number of issues ... and rather than follow ... the organization has chosen to be a leader in Texas agriculture. Whether representing its members at the State Capitol in Austin, or on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., TCGA can always be found in the forefront on any number of legislative and regulatory issues.The organization squarely confronts the many issues that face the industry.

Agriculture continues to be a work in progress. Research and education are a cornerstone of TCGA's work agenda. The organization cooperates with well known researchers to incorporate and move ideas into real working projects. We communicate with our membership to help them to implement the use of new tools through education ... education about new technologies, about how to use these new technologies wisely and safely, and how to use them to improve the gin work environment.

Gin safety is not a passive issue at TCGA. The organization takes seriously its responsibility in helping its gin members address important safety issues. Gin plants incorporate a large number of machinery to process cotton, and some of these machines make the gin environment innately hazardous. TCGA helps gin managers to address safety issues through on-going education, and being an advocate for changes in the industry that improve worker safety.

At TCGA we maintain a high standard work ethic that includes integrity, due diligence and hard work in our day to day activities. We are ever mindful that our membership base relies upon the organization to keep them informed with up to date information ranging from legislative efforts and regulatory matters, to worker safety and gin environments.


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